“Perfection is man’s ultimate illusion. It simply doesn’t exist in the universe…. If you are a perfectionist, you are guaranteed to be a loser in whatever you do.”

― David D. Burn

Why do we dress up?

Why do we look in mirrors?

Why do we think about what we see there?

Why did I edit the previous questions several times befor posting?

Maybe because I want you to like them! And for some reason, I believe you will like what is especially good, or in other words especially close to what I percieve as ideal, as perfect.

But what is this perfect ideal something? Or who? And where can we find it? I believe we can find it in our goals, in the way we secretly want to be. In the way we present ourself and in the fears we have of being seen, seen in an unedited way. It originated from the movies we have seen, the Disney princesses and the celebrated heroes. It got reinforced by the way our education system works, the manner our society is build.

The concept goes like this: you are Y, X is especially good, if you behave like X you are good too. This idea is build on a value system, on the belief that your worth is flexible and depending on the  right way of acting and the right way of being. So we create an image of who we should be and how we should live. This imagine is in our heads, and the closer we grow to its fulfillment, the further it grows above us, always one step ahead, one action apart.

Our society is creating a whole obsession with these images. They keep us doing the things we hate. Buy the stuff we don’t need, and act to be the person we are not. And while we are born and raised in this compulsive perfectionism, we often tend to forget that the images we are chasing are illusions, made up qualities which have nothing to do with who we are.

The human nature is not to be perfect. What defines us opposed to machines or artificial intelligence is not perfection, it is quite the opposite.

Imperfect, is what we are, it is the human condition. Imperfect, thats one single word which captures our existence in a pretty perfect way. And at the same time imperfection is the one thing all of us fear, all of us try to overcome.

Why? Because it takes away our protection, it makes us visible and vulnerable. But also, it makes us real. And probably being real, being our imperfect self is the only way we can reach our potential. Being yourself, with all your flaws and mistakes, is something no one else can do just as excellent as you. And maybe, that is perfection.

2 thoughts on “IMPERFECT

  1. Great post, I believe every person has a different definition of perfection but shouldn’t try to achieve it. They should focus on what gives them happiness and does good to others and to the planet.

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    1. Thank you Luis for your comment! I agree, everyone has a completly different definiton of perfect. This makes it even less logical to attache oneself with perfection to revieve appreciation or something similar. 🙂


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