Failure is Fuel

What is your wish?

What is your goal?

What is your dream?

Why aren’t you running?

Chasing your dream like you are crazy, trying to make it become real?

For me personally I possess an exhaustive bunch of astonishing excuses. Maybe it’s too early, or maybe it’s too late. Perhaps there is too much rain outside or maybe the weather is just to good to get started. But why do we excuse, why do people hide? I am convinced kids do not excuse and hide, science says that you fell down an average of 17 times per hour while learning to walk, did this make you quit? Same for learning to speak or riding a bike. A kid doesn’t fall from a bike and complains oh this hurts maybe I should not do it again, it says I have to do this another time to become better.

What we all have in common as human beings is that we have dreams, goals and wishes.
We try to pursue them, we see the Hollywood movies and believe that if we only do what we love everything will work out just perfectly. But we forget that it might have taken numerous failed scripts and even more failed recordings to eventually produce such a piece of faked perfection. We get reminded of it in a painful way in our live when reality kicks in. We try to climb to our dreams and after a few steps we fall down. It hurts, it is discouraging and we don’t want it to happen again. So we grow up, which means we give up on the world as we like it to be and surrender to the world as it is. And everything that follows is mediocrity, compromises, and a life that is neither good nor bad but pretty ok. We call it being reasonable and realistic. I call it bullshit.

To have a life means to have an opportunity. We should value this gift by using our opportunity of being alive. And the reason we do not use it with all the passion in our hearts is that we failed, and that somewhere on the way we lost our natural relationship to failure.

We have a broken understanding of failure. It’s sold to us as the opposite of success, as defeat, as mistake. We see it as a warning sign of being unable, of going the wrong path. And we learned to avoid it. We abstained from it by not engaging in anything which may make us fail. And this attitude is what will make us fail, fail to live the life we want, the life we are made for.

When I look back, it was failure that shaped me. It made me grow personally, it made me become stronger and it gave me the experience I needed to succeed. Failure got me to where I am today and it will get me to where I will be tomorrow. All that success ever did to me was making me weak and lazy.

Maybe we should not aim for success, but we should aim for failure. It is not our enemy, not our opponent but our teacher. We should not live life to avoid failing, we should live life to provoke it!


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