Life is a race – don’t join it

We are all running. Running towards a better future, towards a successful future. Running towards our goals, resolutions, dreams and expectations. Running towards a life that will be as perfect as we deserve it to be. Running towards happiness.

And we are running away. Running away from death. Running away from never having mattered. Running away from not having left any sign of our existence in this world. Running away from our failures and shortcomings. Running away from our imperfections.

Life is a race. An uphill race, climbing and climbing until we have reached our peak, and then continuing to climb. The only thing that matters is progress. In order to proceed, we need to use every second we have in life to it’s fullest potential. Laziness and comfort are dream killers, taking the precious time we could use to improve and wasting it, putting us behind. Life is a race, and the price for the winners is happiness and success, appreciation and glory, love and validation and everything else we ever dreamt of.

So we keep running. Running until death finally catches up with us. And then we realize, that there never has been a destination. There is no finish line to cross, lay down and enjoy the prize because there is no end to this pursuit of happiness. So what if we stopped running for a moment and took a look around us? Maybe then we would realize that there is no reason to run, that we have everything we need right where we are.


Would you like to read more on my take on our struggle with happiness?

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