culpa {f}

Go to sleep!

Embrace the darkness.
Accept that you are going to have to spend some time in silence with your thoughts.

She is going to be there.
Waiting for you, like a disease that has grown to become a part of you.
Like a light, guiding your way through the darkness, burning you.

Is she the necessary evil that drives you?
Is she the necessary evil that you suffer from?
Is the harm you take really worth the profits?

Every day I’m searching.
Searching for the reason why she won’t leave me alone.
Searching for ways to please her.

Peace and silence
Pleasure and happiness

Where have you gone?
What did she do to you?
Why does she hate you so much?

Maybe you are her kryptonite.
The one thing she doesn’t know
How to defend herself against

Their victory would be her downfall.
Her victory would be their downfall.
Maybe she is the necessary evil, balancing the scales.

I should go to sleep.
That is her talking.
But maybe, she is right.




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