“Meaninglessness does not come from being weary of pain; meaninglessness comes from being weary of pleasure”

-Ravi Zacharias

If humans have one thing in common, it is their nature of desires. We all urge for something. To be precise, for some things. Those things might be different. For some it is food, for others, it is money, or drugs, or sex, or action, or maybe simply sleep. But what unites these yearnings of our minds is their common foundation: a state of incompletion, a sensation of emptiness.

We seek to fix the problem by filling up this incompletion within by pursuing the things outside. But that is a fallacy. We are mistaken to believe that more equals more. Further money, a better phone, many clothes don’t lead to more fulfilment or more completion. Temporarily, they make us feel pleased. So for a moment, we can indulge in an artificial illusion of happiness, but ultimately it will illustrate the underlying absence of it.

I believe that more equals less. Perhaps, more is not the solution but part of the problem. Maybe we feel incompletion only because we define us by our possessions. Because our possessions are just things, and we are so much more. The means we pursue to attain completeness are incomplete. How could something smaller and more incomplete than us be of any help?

More is never enough. Because pursuing more won’t fix it. Desire is the symptom, the problem is the cause that lies underneath. And this cause is that we define ourselves by all those things we pursue. It is a vicious circle.

If excess is our attempt to fill us up, we will end up empty.

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