There is a hunger, deep inside,
Rooted in the conviction that what we have is insufficient,
It grows, fed by fake ideas of what could be,
Climbing across our minds, creeping into our thoughts
To take possession of our goals
Of our dreams
Of our life

There is a hunger, deep inside,
A hunger for the life that could be,
And it is eating up the life that is

There is a hunger, deep inside,
It is spreading, consuming the peace of mind all over the globe,
But don’t worry, you don’t have it,
Rather be frightened because it has you

Confused? I certainly am! But don’t worry, it passes. There will be a time when we understand and there will be a time when we don’t. And that is basically the whole message.  There is a time to be wise and a time to be stupid. A time to be happy and a time to be sad. A time to be alone and a time to connect. But what is time?

Time is nothing but a measure of change. When we look at our watches, what we really look at is the change in the numbers displayed. So when we speak of time, we mean an ongoing river of universal changes which streams through our life. Change allows us to breathe (by allowing molecules to pass through our contracting and suspending lungs), it allows us to think (by changing activation of neurons in our brain) and it enables us to grow old. As long as we live we experience time, and as long as we experience time, change is the only constant that we have on this earth. What we have now will change, and what we don’t have will change as well. That is the natural flow of life (and life means passing through a continuous process of ongoing changes).  So basically we are right inside this previously mentioned river of universal change.

What I do most of the time while being in this river, is imagining how it would be behind the next curve. And when I arrive I notice it is not quite as imagined. Then I think back on how nice the last curve was, or could have been if I would have only taken the time to enjoy it. I believe our society does this all the time. When we have to get awake in the morning we want to sleep, and when we have to sleep we want to be awake. When we are single we want a relationship, when we have a relationship we want to be single. When we are young we want to grow up, when we are grown-ups we want to be young again.  In a nutshell, we constantly want to change our situation, we constantly imagine how it could be if X would be different. In all our attempts to control and change our situation, we forget that we are already in a river of change and that we can not control so much where we are or where we will be washed up next. But we can control what we make out of it. Let’s not be hungry for the time that is not present, but be hungry for the time that is present.

There is a time for everything and everything has its time. And somehow that is what makes life wonderful.








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