Move, interact, listen, feel, act, react, let go, give in, stand out.

Life is technical these days. We are strangulated somewhere between naturalism, industrialism, workaholism, perfectionism, self-optimizationism. The world is becoming a machine, isn’t it? A giant clockwork. And we all jump and run according to its pointers. Everything is timed, set up, planned, analyzed, organized, optimized. it’s the machinification of a world that once was wonderfully mysterious and now is efficient and profitable and understood. We look back with a feeling of superiority. How stupid have these people been, dancing for the rain to come? Travelling by foot, singing, praying, believing. Thank God we don’t believe in him anymore. We have science now, and photoshop, and virtual reality. We mastered nature. We denaturalized it, technified it, modernized it. In our world, world 2.0, we don’t depend on mystery. We are our own gods now, in our own worlds. Which are like clockworks and to which rhythm we run. Slaves to our own superiority. Victims to our own success.

So dance!


Give in, give up. Not to software, or your smartphone, not to the beat of microscopes and satellites but to your heart, your soul your mind. To the mystery of life and the beauty of the universe and its maker. Dance to the music of existence. Without plan and security but in constant movement and interaction, a flow of joy and freedom and purpose. Not in the then but in the now. In the constant blink of infinity that shines into our world through the heart of a dancing soul.

Will you dance with me?


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