So what is this site about?
We don’t know – but maybe you do?
The point of this site is not to lecture anyone on anything. We like to discuss ideas, thoughts mindsets, and world views and we would like to share our results with you, to include you in these discussions. This site is not about designated goals or points of view, it’s not about right or wrong – it just is.

Authenticity and imperfection are important concepts in our lives. Writing and photography deliver us a creative output to express the philosophy of letting go of the infinite striving for perfection and embracing imperfections through our content.

Who are we?
We are 2 guys who grew up together, travel together, get confronted with our imperfections, make mistakes and fail a lot in our lives – and we learned to enjoy that. So we started seeking new challenges and ended up living and studying abroad.

Feedback and input of any kind is appreciated!



PS: We declare and choose not to be responsible for any kind or form of “vandalism” conducted in our name. If any damage has been done by any form of “fuck perfect” sticker, we kindly apologize for your perfectionism.

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